Jan Kallberg, PhD

Cyber Defense Research

Dr. Kallberg's research is focused mainly on cyber defense, offensive cyber operations, and national security.

When he registered cyberdefense.com as his personal domain 18 years ago there were four references on the Internet (Altavista) to cyber defense. Today it is 954,000...

Dr. Kallberg has been published (or is accepted) in Joint Forces Quarterly, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air and Space Power Journal, Military Review, Terrorism and Political Violence, IEEE IT-Professional, IEEE Security & Privacy, and IEEE Access.

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Special Research Interests

Cyber defense, offensive cyber operations, counter cyber, sensitive information gathering, and cyber deterrence.

The future of cyber operations is beyond traditional information assurance.

Cyber attacks on the Global Information Grid 

Cyber warfare in outer space is a research interest and modern warfare rely on space power. 


National security repositioning in an era of austerity - especially nuclear deterrence

The national debt will drive the United States accept a new geopolitical posture. The task is to be able to adapt without losing deterrence.


This will also affect NATO in general.


Nuclear Deterrence

The reduction of conventional forces ushers in a need for supplemental deterrence.

Superpowers are increasingly dependent on nukes as deterrent. 


Other research interests:

Trust, authority, and confidence

 This research can be extended into defense, IT-security, business and management.




Dr. Kallberg presented at the  IDGA "Cyber Security for Government" event in Washington D.C. August 12-14, 2013.

He also presented at the "2nd Annual for Cyber Resilince for National Security" event in Washington D.C. September 17, 2013.   

Public Affairs Research Interests

Water and the politics of water, especially the effects of urban sprawl and groundwater over- extraction.

Corporate citizenship and accountability, especially transparency, trust, and confidence. The research about government has bearing on businesses as well.

Transparency and Open Data - especially Open Data's influence of innovation.

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