Jan Kallberg, PhD

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Dr. Kallberg's research is focused mainly on cyber-supported strategic surprise, accelerated warfare, cyber defense, and cyber-impact on societal stability/destabilization.

He is the Managing Editor, under the Editor-in-Chief, for the quarterly journal Cyber Defense Review.

When he registered cyberdefense.com as his personal domain in 1997 there were four (4) references on the Internet (Altavista) to cyber defense. Today it is a million.  A small claim of being ahead of time.  

Dr. Kallberg has been published in Joint Forces Quarterly, Strategic Studies Quarterly, Air and Space Power Journal, Military Review, IEEE IT-Professional, IEEE Security & Privacy, IEEE Technology & Scociety, and IEEE Access.

Dr. Kallberg is on the editorial board for IEEE Access.

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Cyber attacks on the Global Information Grid 

Cyber warfare in outer space is a research interest and modern warfare rely on space power. 



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